BANKS: List of Banks in Rwanda (Commercial banks and Microfinance banks), Rwanda

This is a list of banks in Rwanda (Commercial banks and Microfinance banks), all of them are governed by the National Bank of Rwanda (Banque National du Rwanda - BNR).

Commercial Banks in Rwanda

  1. Access Bank Rwanda
  2. Bank of Kigali
  3. Commercial Bank of Rwanda (Banque Commerciale du Rwanda) (BCR) - A member of I&M Bank Group
  4. Banque Populaire du Rwanda SA (BPR)
  5. Compagnie Générale de Banque (Cogebanque)
  6. Ecobank
  7. Equity Bank (Rwanda)
  8. Fina Bank (Rwanda)
  9. Housing Bank of Rwanda (Banque de l'Habitat du Rwanda - BHR) - Owned 100% by Rwanda Development Bank
  10. Rwanda Development Bank  
  11. Kenya Commercial Bank
  12. Urwego Opportunity Bank (UOB) - an affiliate of Opportunity International

Microfinance Banks in Rwanda

  1. Agaseke Bank
  2. Unguka Bank
  3. Zigama CSS

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